PashaBiceps major

PashaBiceps is biking overseas to watch CS2 Copenhagen major

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 28, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Keeping up with his tradition of traveling to Counter-Strike 2 majors in a unique style, former pro player Jarosław “PashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski is now pulling up to CS2 PGL Copenhagen 2024 on a water bike. 

PashaBiceps has proven his true love for CS2 and esports time and time again. While he has a stellar track record as a pro player, the fans adore him for his passion for the game. Last year, PashaBiceps shocked fans with a bike journey to Paris Major, traveling 1,800 kilometers in seven days.

While the trip was bumpy, it turns out he enjoyed it so much that he’s doing it all over again in 2024 and with a twist. 

On March 19, PashaBiceps posted that he’ll once again be traveling to the major on a bike. To encourage him in his new escapade, fans changed their avatars to PaschaBiceps’s iconic image of carrying a bike over his head from the Paris Major last year.

PashaBiceps bike

This time, the distance was less than 2023, but a new hurdle presented itself. Starting from Warsaw, which is approximately 1000km away from Copenhagen, fans were eager to see how PashaBiceps would cross the Baltic Sea. He did not disappoint.

The former pro player and MMA fighter stayed true to his promise of biking to the major, no matter what. 

PashaBiceps brings out water bike for CS2 major travel

After riding his bike for around 600 km, PashaBiceps reached his first milestone: The German border. Fans had expected PashaBiceps to take a ferry or train to cross the Baltic Sea, but despite strained knees from biking hundreds of miles, he didn’t opt for the easy route.

After reaching Szczecin, he pulled out an inflated water bike. 

On March 28, the legendary pro player hit the sea on his bike and continued the trip to the major. Due to safety concerns about the weather, he skipped a few hours on the bike. PashaBiceps called it cheating, but fans were still impressed by his dedication to water biking for 10 hours. 

As of this writing, PashaBiceps is back on the ground and will continue cycling towards Royal Arena. If he keeps riding without any breaks, PashaBiceps should reach the major venue on March 30, just a day before the Grand Finals. 

PashaBicep’s cycling journey has impressed esports fans worldwide, who have witnessed his adventure on social media. Despite the rocky terrain and bumpy roads, the legendary CS personality is still keeping his promise.

The PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major Playoffs are set for March 30.