Ovilee May, Team Liquid make Lil Nas X parody for Worlds

Nicholas James • October 5, 12:33

Ovilee May and Team Liquid always promise hilarious content when the North American organization makes it to Worlds, and Worlds 2021 was no different.

This time, Ovilee May, Barento “Raz” Mohammed, and Clayton “Captain Flowers” Raines took a page out of Lil Nas X’s book with their “Worlds Baby” video. It’s a goofy, over-the-top anthem for Team Liquid’s roster and the song been a hit among League of Legends fans.

Featuring lead vocals from Ovilee and Raz’s bassy tones, the song drops an excellent verse from caster Captain Flowers in the last third. Captain Flowers drops some serious bars from the back of his signature crystal scorpion main, Skarner.

The collaborations between May and Team Liquid lean into the ridiculousness of the concept, taking heavy inspiration from pop culture. This isn’t the first time Ovilee has popped off to hype up Team Liquid for Worlds.

Who is Ovilee May?

Ovilee May is a popular League of Legends personality and content creator who is most known for being a part of the LCS broadcast. Currently Ovilee is a host at the resurrected G4TV, alongside fellow ex-league broadcaster Indiana “Froskurrin” Black.

Ovilee endeared herself to fans during her time on and around the LCS broadcast through infectious enthusiasm, her occasionally unfiltered approach, and a relatable geeky charm. She announced her departure from the LCS broadcast in 2020.

Since then, Ovilee has been making quality content in the League of Legends scene and beyond. While many miss her presence as a part of the broadcast, her newfound freedom seems to be a win-win for fans and her own career. More content is sure to come, as Team Liquid waits in the group stage of Worlds 2021.


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