Overwatch reveals Storm Rising mission and legendary Ashe skin

By Olivia Richman


Apr 16, 2019

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The final Overwatch Storm Rising event skin has been revealed.

Socialite Ashe is a legendary skin that features an extravagant pink coat lined with fur and gold. Ashe also wears a giant hat with a pink feather. But the most exciting additionamay be B.O.B.’s fancy butler outfit, complete with dress shoes and gold chains. 

“You have to watch out for the one percent,” the official Overwatch page tweeted

This skin matches Ashe’s backstory perfectly. Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe was a rich girl looking for adventure before creating the Deadlock Gang. 

This most recent skin reveal pairs well with the High Roller Wrecking Ball skin. That epic skin, revealed by PlayStation, features gold details and sunglasses. 

Formal Soldier: 76 was announced just before Hammond’s flashy skin. This legendary skin has Soldier in formal military attire, complete with countless medals. Bastion also received an interesting skin called GWISHIN. This was the Omnic faction that attacked Busan, the location featured in D.va’s animated short. 

Overwatch has been revealing skins all month leading up to the Storm Rising event that begins today. The Storm Rising mission is part of Overwatch’s new Archives event. Storm Rising is a co-op mission that has Winston, Tracer, Genji, and Mercy chasing down Maximillien through Havana. The Talon agent sends out his omnic minions to stop the four heroes. 

The video also features Tracer riding a motorcycle, but it’s unknowm to me if that will be feauy in the actual mission when it’s released.

Archives will begin April 16 and end May 6. 


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