Scientist Moira is third skin revealed for Overwatch Storm Rising

By Olivia Richman


Apr 11, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Overwatch just announced a new legendary Moira skin as part of the anticipated Storm Rising event. Complete with a lab coat, the Scientist Moira skin features the word “Cryo” on her back.

While it’s unclear what this phrase is referring to, Moira is a well known for her findings in the genetics field. While her DNA research seemed to be leading to overcoming diseases and “maximizing human potential,” it also seemed dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. This led to Moira working in the shadows as part of Blackwatch. 

But that wasn’t the only recent reveal relating to the Archives. 

Yesterday, Junkrat’s epic Circus skin was also revealed. The clown costume is a bit more vibrant than Moira’s solemn attire, featuring purple, white, and teal. His flame-engulfed hair is a shining teal, reminiscent of the heart of a flame. With the Circus skin equipped, Junkrat’s bombs become bright yellow and his RIP-tire features yellow and purple rims. 

The first of nine skins to be announced for the new event was Baptiste’s dynamic Talon skin. The legendary red and black outfit offers a glimpse at Baptiste’s back story. Orphaned by the Omnic Crisis, Jean-Baptiste Augustin joined the Talon mercenary group, getting paid quite well for completing their missions. But soon he realized that the violent crimes he committed on Talon’s behalf were the same ones that had destroyed his own community, leaving him an orphan all those years ago. 

Starting on April 16, Overwatch players can experience Overwatch Archives. This event features story-driven co-op missions from “pivotal moments in Overwatch history.” Participants can earn Archives Loot Boxes containing skins, highlight intros, and emotes inspired by Overwatch’s rich history. The co-op missions revealed thus far are Storm Rising, Retribution, and Uprising. 


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