Overwatch patch changes Mercy, Roadhog, and more

By Rebekah Drake


Oct 23, 2018

Reading time: 2 min

A new Overwatch patch is aiming to change to change the strength of some of the game’s most popular heroes.

PTR patch 1.30 focuses on a number of hero buffs to try and balance each of them and bring them in line with the strength of the remaining hero roster. As the patch is only on the PTR server, it’s unavailable for console users.

Mercy’s ultimate cost has been reduced by 15% so that it can be used more frequently. The strength of her chain healing while her valkyrie ability is active will now do 60 points of healing per second instead of 50.

Symmetra’s primary fire now charges 20% faster, making it a bit easier to use in fast and chaotic engagements.

Roadhog has received changes to his weapon fire and ultimate to make his attacks more reliable. His scrapgun has received a spread pattern adjustment and the spread randomisation of his weapon has been reduced by 50%. His ultimate ability now has an increased knockback velocity, pushing targets back at 10 meters per second rather than eight. It also has decreased horizontal recoil, making aiming easier.

The final ability to be adjusted for Roadhog is his hook, which has received a minor rework.  The hook now causes enemy momentum to be reduced at the point of contact, and will pull in enemies faster with only a 0.3 second delay, down from 0.5. The ability cooldown now starts as soon as contact is made rather than once the target has been pulled in, which will prevent cooldown variance based on enemy distances.

Reaper’s primary fire has also been given a reduction in weapon spread randomisation by 50%. This means that each of his hits will be more consistent when aimed at the same spot. His passive ability now also has increased life steal, returning 30% of damage dealt as health to Reaper.

The patch’s final update is that the Windows 10 spatial audio setting can now be used within Overwatch, allowing players another choice in how their in-game audio is processed.