Overwatch fans confused over Junkrat’s Venomous by Leon spray

By Olivia Richman


Mar 25, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Even though Overwatch just added two Legendary Overwatch League skins, fans seem distracted by a new spray found under the “What’s New” section of the Hero Gallery. 

A Junkrat spray was spotted in the Hero Gallery, featuring a cartoony version of the already-dynamic, explosive-obsessed freak from the Outback. The spray’s style doesn’t match any other art in the game, appearing quite similar to the show Rick and Morty. Even more curious, the spray was called “Venomous by Leon.” 

The title had fans speculating quite a bit about the strange spray. One fan theorized that the skin was meant to look like it was made by a fan but in reality was done by a yet-to-be-revealed character named Leon. While chances were low, it was a fun idea that gained a lot of support from other Overwatch fans. 

But then the truth behind the item was revealed by Blizzard itself. 

What is the Venomous by Leon Junkrat spray? 

Junkrat spray Leon

After being shared around Reddit and Blizzard’s forums for a day, Blizzard finally shared the real story behind the curious spray. According to multiple publications, an Overwatch spokesperson answered to clear up the confusion. 

“’Venomous by Leon’ was created by a huge Overwatch fan in Australia who suffers from chronic illness. We won’t be diving into further details out of respect to the family, but we wish Leon the best,” the spokesperson said.

Fans then applauded Blizzard for adding the spray in the game. A lot of people said they would buy the spray just because of the story behind it. At only 25 credits, many fans felt it was worth it just to show support for Leon. 

Blizzard has done similar things for sick fans in the past. World of Warcraft’s development team worked with a sick teen named Ezra Chatterton to develop an in-game quest and character. Bryon “Reckful” Bernstein also showed up as a Rogue trainer NPC in WoW after his passing. 

How did Junkrat lose his leg?

Nobody is 100% sure. One theory is that Junkrat lost his leg to radiation poisoning stemming from the sorry state of Australia in Overwatch’s lore. The explosive-happy hero has been exposed to radiation, as illustrated by his blackened fingers. Radiation poisoning greatly hinders the body’s ability to heal and an untreated leg injury could have led to amputation. Others speculate that he lost his leg to one of his own bear traps or an explosion.

Why is Junkrat’s hair on fire?

That’s unknown. It’s aesthetically done to show Junkrat as a crazed pyromaniac, but there’s no explanation as to why his hair is permanently alight. One popular fan theory is that Junkrat’s hair is a fire-resistant wig and that the character is actually bald. 

Is Junkrat a human? 

Roadhog and Junkrat are both humans. Junkrat survived an attack on Australia’s fusion core, which destroyed the Outback and made it an irradiated wasteland. It became unlivable to most, but Junkrat was able to thrive aside from a bit of the ol’ radiation poisoning. This also gave him “a touch of madness.” 

Junkrat became well known for uncovering a valuable secret in the Australian omnium (that once held the fusion core). Bounty hunters and gangs pursued him, looking to take him down and steal his goods. Junkrat hired Roadhog as a personal bodyguard in exchange for half of the loot.