Blizzard will no longer make new Overwatch League MVP skins

By Olivia Richman


Mar 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Overwatch League officially announced two dynamic Legendary skins that fans of the competitive scene to purchase in-game. But the news was bittersweet given an announcement regarding the future of Overwatch League MVP skins.

The first of the new skins is a Midas-themed Roadhog skin to commemorate San Francisco Shock’s back-to-back championships. The second is a Good vs. Evil Echo skin that represented the 2020 Overwatch League MVP Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim. 

According to senior concept artist David Kang, the team chose a Midas skin for Shock to show how “everything they touch turns to gold.” The skin also features two stars on his championship belly armor to show the two wins. Roadhog’s mask also features a flame-like element. Roadhog dawned the Legendary skin because the art team felt he was “meta-defining” during the Shock’s reign. 

The art team settled on the Good vs. Evil design for Fleta based on the DPS main’s own request. He explained that he was calm outside of the game but has an aggressive play style in-game. The result was a skin with a feathery, light side and a dark, jagged side, creating a “lunar eclipse” effect. Echo was given the skin due to her versatile ultimate, showcasing Fleta’s own versatility in-game. 

No more OWL MVP skins coming to Overwatch

While the blog initially created a lot of excitement for Overwatch fans, it was soon pointed out that developers slipped in a very telling statement within the announcement. 

“Don’t miss out, as this is the last time a skin will be made for the Overwatch League MVP,” the Overwatch League team. 

The Overwatch team didn’t expand on why it is making this decision. But fans speculate that it’s due to the allegations surrounding Jay “sinatraa” Won. The former Overwatch League MVP was recently suspended from Sentinels’ Valorant roster after his ex-girlfriend accused of him abuse. 

While Sentinels continued to investigate the situation, Blizzard decided to offer a refund on sinatraa’s Zarya MVP skin. It would be removed from players’ collections if they requested a refund. 

While it’s unfortunate to see this tradition end, fans can still enjoy the striking new OWL skins available in the store now through April 6. The Roadhog and Echo skins each cost 200 League Tokens. 


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