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All we know about the possible Overwatch 2 x Diablo 4 crossover

By Olivia Richman


Sep 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A massive Overwatch 2 leak for Season 7 has the community whispering about a Diablo 4 crossover.

Season 6, Invasion, was one of the most massive updates in Overwatch history. But even the new game modes, content, and hero wasn’t enough to keep FPS fans distracted for long. Now, gamers are already trying to figure out what’s to come in Season 7, and it’s looking pretty interesting.

Overwatch 2 leak hints at Diablo 4 content

Screenshots of a possible Overwatch 2 leak are showing what may be in store for Season 7. If the leaks are to be believed, Season 7 may be called Rise of Darkness.

The telling image includes a new map, a Mythic skin for Hanzo, and a Diablo 4 crossover event.

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The map would be called Tupua. The description for it reads: “Storm the shores of the new control map as Mythic Onryo Hanzo, Ghost Bride Widowmaker, or Victorian Doll Echo.”

There may be a new limited time game mode as well where Overwatch 2 players will have to “defeat Lilith” in some fashion. Lilith is the Daughter of Hatred, a high-ranked demon in Diablo 4.

Right now, none of this is confirmed by Blizzard but it wouldn’t be all too surprising. Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 are both Blizzard IPs, making it quite easy to make the collaboration happen. On top of that, Blizzard has hinted in recent months that they want to focus more on their existing games in hopes of boosting player activity and keeping the esports scenes afloat.

Some fans are excited at the idea of having Diablo 4 content in Overwatch due to the skin possibilities while others are disappointed that the long-time hinted gaming collab was just two Blizzard games and not something more unexpected.

When is Overwatch 2 Season 7?

Overwatch 2 Season 7 is coming in early October. It’s coming soon so expect more official updates in the near future.