Diablo 4 ending

Diablo 4 ending explained — What will happen next?

By Olivia Richman


Aug 12, 2023

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Diablo 4 has an intense story and an equally dramatic ending, leaving fans wondering what might happen next in the iconic and dark series.

The ending of Diablo 4 has left fans with many questions. It’s definitely a cliffhanger, meaning there’s definitely more to come. Here is everything we know about the Diablo 4 ending and where the next game may go. Of course, spoilers ahead!

Diablo 4 story explained

Diablo 4 takes place 30 years after Diablo 3. Sanctuary has been freed from the invasions by the Prime and Lesser Evils, but now a cult has started to form around the fallen angel Inarius and a banished demon princess known as Lilith.

Lilith is the daughter of the Prime Evil Mephisto. She was banished from Hell by her father and she ended up in the arms of Inarius. The two wanted to betray Heaven and Hell and live far away from the Eternal Conflict. The plan was disrupted, however, when Lilith became a tyrant who used her children as weapons to fight Heaven and Hell, forcing Inarius to cast her into a dark oblivion.

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Her cult ends up summoning her back to Sanctuary and she starts her attempt to take over the world. She starts plotting on how to destroy the Prime Evils and take over Hell. Meanwhile, Inarius wants to return to Heaven but he realizes he may have to kill Lilith to be welcomed back.

In Diablo 4, Inarius helps the main character hunt down Lilith as she continues to wreak havoc on the world around her.

Diablo 4 ending explained

The main character of Diablo 4 is approached by Mephisto, who wants to form an alliance to stop Lilith. When Lilith goes to confront Mephisto, Inarius attacks her, but he is murdered by her in the process.

The main character arrives at Mephisto’s place after realizing he’s more dangerous than Lilith herself. They trap him in the Soulstone, preventing Lilith from absorbing his essence. This enrages her and she attacks the main character, leading to a very intense battle.

When you defeat her, Lilith turns to dust. But she warns you that the Prime Evils will return and that you will be doomed along with the rest of Sanctuary with her gone. You’ll see a vision of Diablo returning.

Your companion Nyrelle steals the Soulstone and intends to take it somewhere far away, telling you not to follow her. Mephisto’s wolf watches her disappear and it’s unclear what she plans to do with the Soulstone.

Will the Diablo 4 plot continue?

Seeing as this ending is so open-ended, you can definitely expect the story to continue in the next Diablo expansion. The game will have multiple seasons, which are available in expansion packs for purchase.


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