Sombra in Overwatch

Overwatch 2 hero reworks coming for Roadhog, Pharah

By Olivia Richman


Oct 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Overwatch 2 Season 7 is bringing a lot of spooky updates and a massive rework to Sombra. But developers are not done there, with Roadhog getting a mid-season rework followed by Pharah.

With only five heroes to a team in Overwatch 2, the playstyle has completely changed. Teams are a lot more aggressive, and some heroes just haven’t fit into the meta ever since teams went down to one tank. Developers have been working to fix this.

Recently, Sombra got a huge rework that is meant to make her a lot more aggressive and less likely to sneak around. Now, instead of having a hidden translocator to run back to when fights get tough, Sombra has a translocator that can be thrown, and she’ll instantly teleport wherever it lands.

Season 7 is also looking to change up Roadhog. Developers have confirmed that his healing and hook abilities will remain. It’s unclear what the changes will be, but tank players are definitely curious.

Pharah is next to get Overwatch 2 rework

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During a developer discussion on Twitch, lead hero designer Alec Dawson confirmed that Pharah is the next hero to get some changes to her kit after Roadhog.

Dawson said that it’s not a “rework” and is more of a “readjustment.” Basically, they want her “feathering playstyle” to be more engaging in “horizontal spaces.”

He said: “She won’t be up in the air feathering the same way she is.”

For now, developers are still experimenting and are unsure what the change will fully look like. The goal is to make Pharah a bit faster, helping her fit into the currently aggressive meta. This means she may not be in the air as much as she has been in the past.

Pharah’s rework won’t be here until sometime after Overwatch Season 8.