Sova dart on Pearl

Overpowered Raze ult on Pearl proves she’s back in the meta

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Pearl may seem like Jett’s home turf, but its vast layout also helps Raze execute insane plays. 

After staying on the sidelines for a hot minute, Raze has returned to the meta as one of the most-picked agents. Her play time at Valorant Masters shows that she’s still a viable pick, and Pearl’s addition further strengthens her place on the roster. Complex design of Pearl with an open sky area allow Raze to explore her kit fully. 

This new Raze ult on Pearl shows that she’ll continue to be a strong pick. Her deadly projectiles paired with satchel jumps allows for wild plays. 

New Raze ult on Pearl catches enemies off guard

Raze ult on Pearl

Satchels are likely the trickiest to learn in Raze’s kit. Movement, timing, and control over momentum are crucial to squeezing full distance from the Blast Packs. For this reason, a lot of players pass on Raze. However, this new Raze ult on Pearl is worth learning in order to bag games on the new map. 

For this setup, Raze players need two of her Blast Packs, eight ult points, and tons of confidence. First, go towards the B-link and drop the satchel on the stairs to hop on top of the wooden box. Activate Raze’s ult before starting the second Blast Pack on the edge of the box. Jump and release the launcher as soon as you spot enemies on the ramp. 

This is the best defensive ult setup to deal maximum damage against crowded attackers. Raze can kill one or two enemies before they set foot inside point B. With the help of her teammates, she can also push forward and finish off enemies tenderized by her Showstopper. Her satchels may have a high learning curve, but this particular setup is worth the time and effort. 

This Raze ult on Pearl proves that the short boundaries on the map heavily favor vertical kits. Jett may also benefit from the layout because she can fly and shoot knives at enemies. So, if you’re playing Pearl against Raze and Jett, you should expect knives and missiles flying in from odd angles. 

Is Raze a good agent in the current act? 

In Valorant Masters, Raze emerged as the top duelist, surpassing Jett. According to, Raze’s pick rate is considerably higher than Jett’s. Most players fancied Raze’s destructive toolkit over Jett’s razor-sharp abilities on most maps.