Over 14,000 Call of Duty hackers have been banned

By Olivia Richman


Jul 31, 2023

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Activision has banned over 14,000 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 players.

Call of Duty has been plagued with cheaters for over a decade, with players constantly complaining about the large amount of hackers they come across while grinding the game. A lot of streamers have even quit the game over their negative experiences with cheaters.

To combat this ongoing issue, developers introduced Richochet, an anti-cheat system. While it hasn’t been perfect, it has done some good in the fight against hackers.

Most recent CoD ban wave removes 14,000 cheaters

The latest ban wave has banned over 14,000 accounts accused of using hacking software. It seems like most of the accounts were linked to cheating services like EngineOwning and InterWebz.

In response, the Call of Duty community applauded Activision for its ongoing efforts, saying the update is a “W” and asking for more.

Some gamers, however, felt that some of the targeted accounts were innocent. A lot of tweets brought up that they were “shadow banned” for innocent behavior. Shadow banning is when a suspected hacker is no longer allowed to play in “normal” lobbies while Activision reviews their account further. Even though there’s no notification of this happening, players notice when they start being put in lobbies full of other suspected cheaters.

It’s possible that Activision is accidentally banning innocent people, but the effort is still largely encouraged by the Call of Duty community. It’s especially nice to see hackers removed before the start of Season 5.


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