OTK threatens to leave Twitch, encourages streamers to join

By Olivia Richman


Jun 7, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Twitch’s upcoming changes to branded broadcasts is not going over well with the streaming community, especially OTK. The popular streaming group has now threatened to leave Twitch if the platform goes through with the updates on July 1.

The new guidelines will significantly restrict branded streams, including the types of products and how they are allowed to be advertised. Political content, weapons, and adult-oriented products will be prohibited come July 1. “Burned-in” display, audio, and video ads will also be forbidden, making it extremely difficult for streamers to implement sponsors.

The big impact this will have on small streamers, esports, and sponsored events has left the community fuming at Twitch’s greed. World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold and other big names have announced that they are outraged, even boycotting. The latest is OTK.

OTK threatens to leave Twitch

On Twitter, OTK co-founder Tips Out threatened that the entire organization would leave Twitch if the branded content restrictions happen on July 1.

An official statement from OTK came soon after.

In the letter, OTK accused Twitch of implementing “anti-creator policies.” They wrote: “The once-unique and admirable vision of a creator-first platform now feels like a fading and distant dream. Reductions to creator subscription revenue, inconsistent moderation policies, and attacks on creators’ abilities to pursue their own independent revenue streams have transformed Twitch into one of the least creator-friendly platforms.”

OTK then told Twitch that its spot as the top streaming platform is “coming to an end.”

According to OTK, their show Elevated as well as their Games Expo “cannot exist” under Twitch’s proposed new guidelines. But it’s not only OTK that would suffer. The org also mentioned that smaller streamers who “rely on their once-a-month Hello Fresh sponsorship” would also suffer significant financial loss.

“We simply ask you to pause to reflect. Reflect on your origins as a platform. Reflect on your current position and how you got there. And most of all, reflect upon the role that creators, big or small, have contributed to your success,” OTK wrote. “Hopefully a new direction emerges from this reflection.”

Where will OTK and other streamers go after Twitch?

OTK streamer Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo reacted to the ongoing drama himself. He said that the organization will probably move to YouTube, Kick, or Rumble.

“The Streamer Awards will not be possible,” Mizkif tweeted. “Any high-quality production will be too expensive to make and will not be possible.”

He then urged streamers to leave Twitch if the regulations end up going through come July 1.

For now, content creators are anxiously awaiting Twitch’s response. Will the streaming platform go through with the changes or backpedal in order to appease creators and keep them on board?

On Twitter, Twitch simply said that streamers were simply “confused” due to the company making the content policy update “overly broad.” Twitch stated that the policy language “missed the mark” and said they would update the language. It’s unclear if this means changing the actual policy at this time.