Valorant give back bundle results

Oni Phantom might return in Valorant Give Back bundle 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is bringing the Give Back bundle back. Players have voted for their favorite contenders and we might have results soon! 

The Give Back bundle in Valorant is Riot’s way of helping those in need through its popular FPS game. Fifty percent of proceeds from weapon skins and 100% from accessories go towards the Social Impact Fund. The good cause is the main reason behind the Give Back bundle’s stellar success, but players pine for the collection to get another shot to buy coveted skins. 

The Give Back bundle has Valorant’s best skins bundled in one collection, which means each pricey skin costs much less as a complete set of four. 

Valorant Give Back bundle results 2022

Riot has left it to players this time to customize the skin line by picking from eight options. Voting is currently underway, but we may already have Valorant Give Back bundle results. 

Valorant Give Back bundle

Riot has cherry-picked two skins in each category, of which players must pick one. The categories are Rifles, Pistols, Specter, Operator, and Machine gun. Here are all the skins Riot has chosen for the voting, along with the Valorant Give Back bundle results so far: 

  • Oni Phantom (45.7%) OR Neptune Vandal (54.3%)
  • Prime Classic (42.4%) OR Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost (57.6%)
  • Forsaken OP (72.1%) OR Reaver Odin (27.9%)
  • Magepunk Spectre (71.9%) OR Radiant Crisis Spectre (28.1%)

So far, it seems players are leaning towards Neptune Vandal, Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost, Forsaken OP, and Magepunk Spectre. This is how the bundle should look if Riot closes voting soon. Oni Phantom and Prime Classic may beat their opponents as the difference isn’t game-changing, but Forsaken OP and Magepunk Spectre are likely locked for this year’s Give Back bundle. 

How to vote for the Give Back bundle

Players can participate in choosing Valorant Give Back bundle content by voting for the skins on Valorant’s official Twitter handle. Click on the box below to start voting!