Omen’s paranoia and ultimate might get buffed in upcoming patch

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The ghastly controller Omen could be getting deadlier in an upcoming patch, leaks suggest.

Valorant players have long been asking for buffs to the controller category that rarely sees any playtime in low ranked games. The developer bolstered Viper’s kit as a response, but Omen’s kit could still use some love. It seems that the developers have listened. According to multiple sources, Omen is getting insanely buffed in patch 3.08.

Possible changes coming to Omen in patch 3.08

The news first slipped through the cracks when casters on the Indian tournament Skyesports‘ desk discussed Omen’s ability buff in the 3.08 patch. It was later addressed by NRG’s Flexinja, bringing tons of attention to the leak. Riot Games and other notable leakers haven’t yet commented on the leaks, but it’s likely true since players have long been requesting these changes.

Currently, Omen has one of the weakest ultimates in the game. It’s incredibly conditional and mostly goes to waste if the spot you teleported to is crowded with enemies. He’s the only agent who can teleport across the map, but his vulnerable state during the TP animation makes his ultimate a waste of points. Leaks hint that patch 3.08 will add a brief paranoia to Omen’s From The Shadows, allowing him to teleport to picked spots safely.

With this buff, the controller agent would be able to blindside nearby enemies when he switches spots. Players have long asked for an ultimate buff, but no one has recommended a suitable solution. This potential buff will certainly bring Omen back to the top of picks.

Apart from this, Omen’s Paranoia will become more team-friendly. Currently, the agent blindsides anyone who comes in the middle of his flashes. According to the leak, teammates will become immune to his Paranoia. This will allow him to throw his blinds freely without the fear of flashing teammates.

Is Omen getting a buff in Valorant?

It remains to be seen if these changes are valid or not. Patch 3.08 is still a long way to go, so players will have to wait a while till Riot confirms anything. If these buffs come into fruition, Omen will likely return to being the favourite agent in his category and retain his high spot in professional games.