Old G could disband after Aramis abandon, Ceb says

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Old G may not make it to the 2024 DPC, as team icon Sébastien “Ceb” Debs hinted at a disband on stream.

As soon as Old G debuted on the scene in 2022, the squad immediately became a fan favorite. Its shifting rosters have been stacked with iconic names and faces, including some from the legendary TI8 and TI9 champion OG lineup. However, the team’s matches have always been surrounded by controversy, and the most recent scandal may also be it’s last. Here’s what Old G veteran Ceb had to say about the team’s future during a recent stream and what prompted the potential disband.

The new disband suspicions stem from a recent stream featuring Ceb where he was asked about the future of the team. In response, Ceb explained that the team was already dead.


“Old G dead. (Because of [Adam “Aramis” Moroz,] I would say?) No. Not good enough.”

Ceb’s original statement and his likely joking response to his teammate are both linked to another incident involving the team this past week. During an official DPC match against Nigma Galaxy, support player Aramis disconnected from game one and refused to rejoin. Old G lost that game and chose to forfeit the rest of the series. This incident is only the latest in a long list of controversies surrounding the stories squad.

Old G disband ends one of Dota 2’s most turbulent rosters

While Old G was an entertaining roster to see in action, after the disbanding, the team will be remembered for its long string of newsworthy moments.

One of Old G’s biggest controversies involved allegations of the team inciting harassment against tournament administrators. StarLadder personnel chose to kick Old G from the league after the squad failed to show up for a relegation tiebreaker. The host then claimed that Ceb used social media to incite harassment against the decision-makers and responded by forcing the team to play in the open qualifier for the next tour rather than keep a close qualifier spot.

The team responded by purchasing the DPC slot of the team it “lost” to in the tiebreaker, effectively buying back into the Dota Pro Circuit. This move was extremely controversial in the Dota 2 community, with some claiming it set a dangerous precedent. Regardless of future rules decisions, StarLadder won’t have to worry about its originating team if Ceb’s disband hints turn out to be true.


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