ohnePixel planning $100,000 case opening, here’s how to watch

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The biggest case opening in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history is about to go down and ohnePixel will be its gracious host.

Ludwig “Anomaly” Lagerstedt made history with his $10,000+ case opening in 2021, but fellow skin aficionado ohnePixel is set to shatter his record with more than ten times the value of that unboxing. A massive donation from a fan has given him the opportunity to open $100,000 worth of cases all in a single stream, making it the biggest public unboxing event of all time.

The opening was spurred by a surprise donation from a fan, who sent ohnePixel a no-return trade offer for more than six-digits in cases. The donor, who chose to remain anonymous, spoke with ohnePixel and joked that he was afraid of getting banned due to using third-party trading websites.

He also claimed to have won over $3 million in CSGO skin gambling, so this is only a small part of his digital fortune.

ohnePixel has decided to go big, opening more than $100,000 of the collection on stream for everyone to see. He plans to stream on his main Twitch channel on Friday, July 7 at 8 pm CET. The stream has no set duration, but it will likely take several hours to get through the massive collection.

ohnePixel $100,000 case opening includes $75, $50 cases

The contents of ohnePixel’s $100,000 case opening include many of the rarest containers in the game, including Katowice 2014 sticker capsules.

The weapon cases set to be opened on the stream include dozens of original CSGO Weapon Cases and Bravo Cases. These sell for $73 and $48, respectively, with possible pulls including AK-47 | Case Hardeneds and Fire Serpents as well as AWP| Lightning Strikes and Graphites. These are the two most expensive cases, making the $2.49 key look paltry in comparison.

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In addition to the standard weapon cases, the massive donation included 40 Cobblestone souvenir packages. These could potentially contain a Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore, one of the game’s rarest and most coveted skins. With Cobblestone out of the map pool, these cases represent a sizable chunk of all the Cobble souvenirs in the world.

And finally, the crown jewel of the collection includes two Katowice 2014 sticker capsules, one for challengers and one for legends. These could potentially lead to stickers that cost in excess of $70,000 unapplied. These are the absolute most expensive containers in CSGO, valued near $20,000 each.

All of these goodies combined will make for an insane opening stream that goes above and beyond any previous record.


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