Ogre Magi wins The International 2019 Arcana vote

Neslyn Apduhan • August 23, 2019 11:04 am

The two-headed hero won the Dota 2 community’s Arcana vote.

After a few months of voting warfare, Ogre Magi was the last hero standing.

The hero dominated the quarterfinals Arcana vote and received 76% of the votes against Necrophos. It then squared off against fans favorite Faceless Void. The hero managed to come out of top just to face Windranger in the final voting process.  

Fans and SirActionSlacks rally to support Ogre Magi


Dota 2 fans surely loved the goofy support hero as they rallied to promote his cause. Supportive memes were created and propagated across different social media platforms.

Famous Dota 2 host Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner championed the promotion. He told fans that he would quit playing Dota 2 for a year and would ask Valve competitor Riot Games for a job if Windranger were to win the Arcana vote.

In the end, Ogre Magi prevailed over Windranger. The two-headed intelligence hero will join the line of heroes with elite cosmetic options.

Ogre Magi received more than 30 million votes, while Windranger received 23 million votes. The announcement was made at The International 2019 main event in Shanghai, China.

The live broadcast caught SirActionSlacks reacting to Ogre Magi’s win. Obviously, he’s very happy to win the bet and keep his Dota 2 job.

Valve decides TI short film contest


Valve also announced the winners of the short film contest. The films were featured in the Dota 2 client for fans to view and enjoy.

“Path of Vengeance” by 4FUN911 won the first-place recognition. The film kicked off with Vengeful Spirit’s lore in which she lost her birthright. The fallen princess turned into a Vengeful Spirit a few years after the tragedy. The film explored her battle with the Phantom Assassin, Mortred. As she ran for her life, she found herself at the edge of a cliff.

The ending was perfectly executed as Vengeful Spirit throws herself off of the cliff only to swap Phantom Assassin down to her surprising death.

The first-place winner was rewarded $25,000. Filmmaker Scavneck received $10,000 for the second-place finish of the film “Curse of the Immortal,” while Nayram got $5,000 for the third-place finish of “Donkey Spirit.”


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