Nintendo Switch hacker

Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser accused of more illegal Switch activity

By Olivia Richman


Jan 3, 2024

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A very prominent Nintendo hacker, Gary Bowser, has been accused of being involved in the recently revealed third-party Nintendo Switch flash cart, but he’s denying it.

The MIG-Switch was announced over the holidays, a third-party flash cart device that lets gamers back up their Switch games across all standard consoles. While that’s the outward purpose, the MIG-Switch can also be used to illegally acquire games.

On January 2, Modern Vintage Gamer accused the infamous hacking group Team Xcuter of being behind the MIG-Switch. This has made Nintendo fans even more skeptical of the device since hacker Gary Bowser is associated with the group. Many are assuming that Nintendo will come after the MIG-Switch pretty soon.

Modern Vintage Gamer stated that he found Bowser’s website within the DNS records for AfterTimeX, a separate website where videos for the MIG-Switch first were reported.

Gary Bowser denies involvement in MIG-Switch

When gamers heard that Gary Bowser and his crew were involved with the MIG-Switch, many expressed concern for the infamous Nintendo hacker.

“As much as I’m intrigued by the MIG Switch, if Gary Bowser is even tangentially involved with it then Nintendo is going to go out of their way to ruin him. It isn’t worth having his life completely destroyed, he needs to take a step back and consider everything,” one fan wrote.

Added another: “Sad to see Gary involved in this, that being said, if his life is actually miserable out of prison he may just think he doesn’t have much to lose. After all, it took a long time for him to get convicted the first time.”

Others, however, expressed that they hoped Bowser was part of it since he “has the sauce,” and the community wants Nintendo to stop being as stingy with their games.

Either way, Bowser has denied involvement.

Bowser was arrested and fined over $14 million in damages for previously selling hacked Nintendo devices. He was let out of prison early but still owes Nintendo a massive amount of cash.

On Discord, Bowser continued to claim innocence, stating that he’s changed all his passwords but still is the subject of “DNS poisoning attacks on my name servers.” On top of that, he was allegedly blackmailed recently, with someone claiming they would “leak a bunch of s—.”

He said: “I am not going to engage the trolls or comment on this.”



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