Ninja to appear on TV game show Family Feud

By Olivia Richman


Feb 26, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was recently in Los Angeles for a different kind of competition.

Ninja announced on Twitter that he would be starring in an episode of Celebrity Family Feud this summer, joined by his wife and family. His fans had spent the week speculating why Ninja was in California after he sent out a few ominous tweets leading up to the reveal.

Family Feud is one of America’s most popular game shows, pitting two families against each other to guess the top answers in a variety of sometimes suggestive survey questions. While the traditional episodes feature two everyday families, once in a while Family Feud hosts celebrity guests. This will be Ninja’s first time appearing on Family Feud as a celebrity, but he was previously on the show five years ago.

The Blevins family appeared in an episode that aired in 2014, where they won over $40,000. Shaky footage exists on YouTube of Ninja taking part in the Fast Money round with show host Steve Harvey. Sporting a lopsided bowtie, Ninja says that a woman qualifies as a cougar at 35, and answered with “coins” when asked to name something he’d collect if he had the money.

Ninja also tells Steve Harvey earlier in the show that he’s a professional gamer, which seemed to perplex the game show host.

The video also contains a stream in which Ninja discusses his family’s experience auditioning for Family Feud. Having watched the show many times, he declared that most families on it were “fucking horrible,” and that his family “would destroy it.”

After some research, the Blevins family submitted an application. They became the first family to ever be flown out and brought onto the show based on a YouTube submission. In the submission tape, Ninja and his family practice answering survey questions and saying “good answer” to each other.

After reportedly earning over $10 million last year, it’s safe to assume that Ninja has started on his coin collection.