Ninja deletes Discord server following online leak by IShowSpeed

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Fans are calling IShowSpeed a serial leaker after he accidentally exposed Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Discord address, leading him to delete the server.

IShowSpeed is no stranger to controversy but rarely feels bad after pulling off the wildest stunts. However, this time it’s different. The streamer accidentally leaked details to Ninja’s Discord, including top celebrities and Fortnite players, and he feels bad.

As a result, Ninja had to delete the treasured Discord server and looked visibly sad after doing it.

IShowSpeed causes Ninja to delete old Discord server

Fortnite legend Ninja and IShowSpeed were bantering over his old pictures and haircut while playing Fortnite. To drive the point home, IShowSpeed decided to pull up Ninja’s old images from Google and minimized the Fortnite window.

As soon as he did that, the Discord screen appeared for a split second, but enough for the fans to take a screenshot or pause the video to write down the address. Keen players copied the address mentioned in the bar above and quickly joined the Discord server.

Ninja Fortnite

After a few minutes, streamer cloakzy, also in the voice channel, alerted everyone to leave the Discord as it had been leaked online, and viewers were swarming in to join their VC. Expectedly, Ninja went quiet and left the channel. Soon after, he unfriended IShowSpeed as well.

Within minutes, the VC was crammed with random people playing loud audio and spewing slurs. According to Ninja, people were sending inappropriate media in the chat, forcing him to delete the server.

IShowSpeed said it was unintentional, and he didn’t realize he had leaked the address.

“He thinks I did it on purpose. Bro, why would I leak his Discord? Bro, I didn’t even leak it. He unfriended me? What? Bro, I didn’t even leak. Wait, he’s actually sad? Bro, when did I leak his Discord? What,” IShowSpeed said.

Ninja was still live and genuinely looked heartbroken over losing an old Discord server with notable names in it. He also called it the “Drake server,” as it included Drake, Marshmellow, Juju, and top Fortnite pro players.

“There is no way, dude! Speed did f—ing not! I have had this Discord as a sanctuary for years, and Speed leaks it in the first f—ing day within an hour! It’s gone, Mitch. It’s gone, bro. It’s gone, bro. It’s gone,” Ninja said.

IShowSpeed did mention that he felt bad afterward, but at this point, nothing can be done about it. The Discord server is gone.