Ninja at two million followers with Fortnite streams on Mixer

By Marta Juras


Aug 30, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Only a few short weeks after making public his decision to leave streaming giant Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer platform, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has hit two million followers on Mixer.

After deciding to leave Twitch and the 14.7 million followers he had gained there in order to stream exclusively on Mixer, Ninja has been satisfied with how things with Mixer are progressing. His first Mixer stream played out on August 2 from the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, and 27 days later his channel has hit the two million follower mark.

Ninja has shared his excitement with fans over Twitter. The Fortnite star added that he’s not looking to become the biggest channel on Mixer, but wishes to attract more content creators to the platform.

“Absolutely out of this world,” Ninja said. “My goal on Mixer is not to get more viewers than everyone, but to try and lift as many streamers up with me and bring as much attention to this amazing platform as possible.”

Even though two million is a big milestone, it’s still a small number compared to Twitch’s highest following he left behind with his old channel there. It’s no wonder that many speculate his switch to Mixer was due to Microsoft making a large financial investment into him. Verge senior editor Tom Warren shared Microsoft paid Ninja over $50 million, but this speculation was never officially confirmed.

It’s too early to say whether or not it was a good decision for Ninja to stream exclusively on Mixer. On the one hand, his performance on Twitch surely yielded higher numbers. Based on Twitch Tracker’s data, he averages about 15,000 fewer concurrent viewers on Mixer compared to Twitch. On the other, the difference in numbers might not be as impactful if it’s kept in mind that it hasn’t even been a month since Ninja’s Mixer debut.

Together with his recent partnership with Adidas and the success of his Mixer stream, Ninja is surely not falling behind because he can’t be seen on Twitch anymore. Rather, he seems to be quite satisfied with the direction of his career.