Next Dota 2 patch release date revealed by Valve

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 17, 2023

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The TI 2023 meta is already getting stale, but bored Dota 2 players at least have a release date to look forward to for the next patch.

The post-TI malaise is hitting the Dota 2 community hard this year. Between non-interactive strength mids and supports going Hand of Midas, a shakeup is more than due. Valve acknowledges this, and the developer has already revealed a release date for the next Dota 2 patch. Here’s when you can expect the in-game update to arrive and what will most likely change in the patch.

The next Dota 2 patch will arrive on Monday, November 20, 2023. The patch will bring the first round of changes since the conclusion of The International 2023 in October.

Dota 2 next patch release date

While most fans expect a massive gameplay update after The International, Valve has confirmed that the new patch will only be a letter update and a full patch. 7.34e will bring a smaller round of changes ahead of a possible big update early in 2024. It’s also possible that Dota 2 will get a winter event or battle pass that comes with a new number patch, but the timing makes it seem less likely.

What’s coming in the new Dota 2 7.34e patch?

7.34e will likely nerf several heroes and items that ran the show at The International 2023, with Bristleback, Primal Beast, Blade Mail, and Spirit Vessel most likely to take a hit.

Starting with heroes, the mid lane is very repetitive due to the prominence of tanky strength mids with built-in mobility. Primal Beast and Earth Spirit are now extremely common picks at higher ranks. Bigger mana costs could hit both heroes hard. Safe lane demons Spectre and Chaos Knight are also on the chopping block, and greedier soft supports like Muerta and Dark Willow will probably also get tagged. Witch Doctor, Wraith King, Dazzle, Necrophos, Slardar, and Lone Druid ought to get nerfed for the sake of matchmaking.

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As for items, Blade Mail was a constant presence at The International. It’s also a key component of the strength mids problem. Nerfing the item’s efficacy as a farming tool or lowering the damage returned may be in order. A possible build change could occur too. Heart of Tarrasque could get a percent heal decrease or a pricier recipe. Other potential items to be nerfed include Boots of Bearing, Wind Waker, and Bloodstone.

Being only a letter patch, it will likely consist of just number tweaks rather than full reworks for items and heroes. Those will come in the larger number patch due sometime in early 2024 or so.


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