run boost molotov on Overpass

Newly discovered run boost molotov on Overpass is too OP

By Fariha Bhatti


May 31, 2022

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Overpass is one of the oldest maps, but its exceptional layout offers opportunities for wild plays. This new run boost molotov on Overpass is an excellent example. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s map pool in 2022 features some of the classic locations like Dust 2, Inferno, Overpass, and more. Players continue to engineer new ways to play these old maps, keeping CSGO as fresh as ever. Especially Overpass, a map that has a unique double-story layout. It may be confusing for many, but some players look at it as a chance to develop clever plays

A CSGO player has whipped up a new molotov lineup that flies like greased lightning and deals first damage. 

Players discover new run boost molotov on Overpass 

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A player named Adventurous law has demonstrated a unique molotov lineup on Overpass that does not look easy. 

Overpass’ B site is pretty CT-sided due to multiple choke points. Opening this area is a tall order unless you excel at utility. Adventurous law’s run boost molotov on Overpass blocks a whole entryway in the first few seconds of the round, but it is tough to replicate. Run boosting is not for rookies, as it requires relentless practice and coordination. Tossing a molotov while executing this tactic doesn’t sound like something to be pulled off in low ranks. 

However, this incendiary is worth the time and effort. The lineup begins from CT spawn, where player 1 stays stationary. Player 2 then runs on the stair railing and hops on top of player 1 while tossing the grenade. The device lands at the walkway entrance, blocking the CTs from entering the site. While it’s undoubtedly viable, not everyone can pull it off. 

This molotov is only worthwhile if you toss it promptly. CTs can quickly reach the site from the walkway, so you have to master the run boost in order to drop the grenade in time. Before planning this grenade, you may also want to keep your spawn in mind. If you have wasted even a second inside spawn, refrain from using this lineup as it only results in wasted utility. 

However, getting it right spells easy site control. The terrorists will not have to worry about an entire angle while attacking the B site on Overpass. So, if you are playing in high ELO, you may want to practice this lineup with your duo and dominate the ranks. 

What is a run boost in CSGO? 

Run boost is a valuable mobility tactic in CSGO that helps jump faster than usual. For this trick, one teammate stands on the other’s head, and both run in the same direction. When the player on top jumps, they get an extra speed boost. 


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