This multipurpose smoke on Overpass makes T-side easier

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Overpass is one of the trickest maps to win as Terrorists, which is why its unique design calls for complex strategies to bag rounds on both sides.

Competitive maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are suitably balanced but one side often has an advantage due to the structure of entryways, size of the location, and more. The two-story map Overpass allows for incredible plays and executes, like throwing a fake utility from across the map.

How to throw a fake utility on Overpass

One of the most viable and rare tactics to win a game on Overpass is to learn fake executes. It’s relatively easy to mislead Counter-Terrorists to follow fake utility and take site control when it’s empty. Since it’s easy for CTs to rotate quicker due to double-story design, slow tactics work wonders on Overpass.

This newly discovered smoke by a player named Mammawanna starts from A-long and lands for B site crossing. It might help you garner site control and trick enemies.

For this lineup, Stand outside toilets and press the crouch key. Keep your crosshair at the tiny dot and then release the crouch button. Press the jump key and then throw the smoke.

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You may miss it on the first few tries. If you fail to land the smoke perfectly, try pressing S along with the jump bind. It also helps if you push your model back to achieve the expected results.

This smoke will land in the middle of the short wall and default area, creating a safe crossing space. This is a standard smoke that Ts use to gain B control. Thus, CTs will most likely rotate towards B when they hear the smoke bloom, ensuring that A site is clear for T takeover. You can pair it with some random flashes towards the B site for a surefire mock execution.

While it’s a tremendous fake lineup, this smoke can also be used to lock round win when the bomb is planted at B site. For example, the lurker can throw this smoke from Along for his teammates and then cut rotation when CTs leave A site. This way, you’ll have an extra player on the flank with a major advantage. This is one of the convenient ways to take B control while ensuring you have a solid post-plant strategy.