Newly discovered one-way Mirage incendiary may change the map

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Smokes aren’t the only way to trick enemies into your crosshair. This one-way incendiary can help you gain a competitive edge on Mirage. 

Mirage is a relatively simple map, layout-wise. It’s truly balanced, so whoever has the better lineups and tricks up their sleeve wins. Utility is of the utmost importance for winning on Mirage, with aim sometimes even coming secondary. However, pairing both can yield incredibly satisfying results. Thanks to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional players, there are plenty of new ways to fool your opponents. 

Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov has discovered a new one-way on Mirage, except it’s not smoke. The pro player played with fire, quite literally, using an incendiary to block the enemy’s view. 

You can use an incendiary as a one-way smoke on Mirage 

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Pro CSGO player m0NESY has a history of whipping up bizarre but useful tricks in CSGO that make opponents do a double take. This is one of those lineups that can bag you multiple kills, as no one would expect a player model within a burning fire. 

For this lineup, go into the ladder room and equip an incendiary. Place your crosshair on the plank, as shown in the video. Then, line up your aim with mid-window and release the incendiary. The grenade will pop against the ledge, creating a line of fire on the window’s edge. The Counter-Terrorist can stick close to the fire and still get a clear view of the terrorists without taking much damage. 

The view will be slightly orange, but Ts will be completely visible. From their perspective, the left side of the window will be blocked entirely by fire, creating a cover for CTs. Using this one-way, the CT side can easily take down the AWPer and move to cover. The best part about this one-way is the fact that the fire won’t cause damage as long as you’re not touching the window. 

This is by far the wackiest one-way on Mirage and it helps CTs get an almost unfair advantage. Players may want to repeat this trick until the enemies figure it out and spam into the fire. 

What’s a hinge smoke in CSGO? 

Hinge smokes in CSGO are a unique grenade lineup on Dust 2, popularized by ZywOo and ropz. It was previously done using the cl_showpos command to land a smoke accurately and get specific coverage after deployment. The grenade gets stuck on an invisible door hinge to create a one-way window that protects the T side, usually as they push through cat towards the A bomb site.