Newly discovered 1-way smoke lets Cypher dominate on Ascent

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Cypher isn’t a great option for those looking to frag out, but his kit can be surprisingly rewarding in the right hands. 

Valorant’s spy sentinel is made to support duelists and initiators. His equipment can lock up an entire site, but he’s also perfectly capable of blocking pushes with a weapon. Cypher’s smokes aren’t just a defensive tool, as they can help pull enemies into his crosshairs when used properly. 

A one-way smoke is a common tactic used by higher-ranked players to spot enemies without revealing one’s own position. It allows agents to gain easy kills with a low risk of dying. Since duelists have utility to support their duels, one-ways come in handy for more passive agents like Cypher and Omen who like to bag kills despite their kits. 

This newly discovered one-way on Ascent is perfect for putting kills on the scoreboard at the start of rounds. This particular one-way is for Ascent’s B site entrance, which can be tricky to tackle. Hard pushes are especially easy to execute for attackers, so this smoke might help you pause the enemy’s advances.

For this lineup, stand on the edge of the catwalk and place your crosshair on the corner of the second brick. Aim towards the wall and keep the crosshair on the right side of the block, shown in the image. 

Blog post image

Press the jump key and then throw the cage, but don’t activate it instantly. Move towards the B entrance and deploy the smoke when you can hear footsteps. Upon activation, you’ll be able to see the attacker’s lower body clearly below the smoke, whereas they’ll be completely blind. This should allow you to get easy kills against the attackers.

It’s recommended to plant double cages on this spot so you can hold the site longer. The enemy might be able to read your smoke and wait for it to deactivate before pushing. Deploying the second cage will undoubtedly catch them off guard, rewarding you with multiple kills in B main. 

Is Cypher a good agent on Ascent? 

Cypher is one of the best agents to play on Ascent due to the map’s small entryways. The Sentinel can lock down an entire site independently, as his tripwires and cages effectively cover small areas. Cypher’s camera works wonders on mid and higher angles on Ascent, making him one of the best picks on this large map.