Iso's abilities in-game

Newest Valorant Agent Iso abilities revealed

By George Geddes


Oct 19, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

The newest Valorant agent set to be released later this month was revealed earlier today with professional players and content creators allowed to show off the new duelist. 

The duelist who hails from China, dubbed Iso, will be the newest agent in Valorant and will feature some cool new abilities. Most notably, Iso has an ultimate ability that will drag his opponent into an arena where he will take on an enemy, no holds barred. 

Some of his other abilities will allow him to create a shield that will ensure bullets won’t damage him or his teammates if they stay behind the moving cover. Talk about taking fights to the next level, as Iso will be looking to take gunfights wherever he goes. 

Iso abilities explained

Iso’s first ability is his C, Contingency, which will allow Iso to hurl an indestructible wall toward enemies in a line. It will block all bullets in its path, according to ValorLeaks

His second ability is his Q, Undercut, which will allow him to fire a molecular bolt that travels through walls and will apply a brief fragile to enemies it passes through. Similar to an Omen paranoia, just with a slight tweak to the effect. 

His third ability is his E, Double Tap, where Iso will enter a flow state. This will allow him to shoot energy orbs situated above enemies that Iso has damaged or taken down. Shooting the orb will grant him a shield that will absorb one instance of damage from any source. 

His final ability is his Ultimate, Kill Contact, where Iso will pull one enemy into a one-versus-one arena where the two players will fight till one of them is eliminated. It seems that abilities will not be used in this arena, just straight-up gunplay. 

Professional player for 100 Thieves, Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban, showed off Iso’s kit against other content creators and players when he was invited to test the new Agent by developer Riot Games. 

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In the clip he posted to social media, Cryo can be seen using all of Iso’s abilities to land a few kills. Although, it’s unlikely that most players will be able to replicate Cryo’s skills when they test out the new Agent. 

Iso is set to be released at the end of the month on October 31 following the release of Valorant Episode Seven, Act Three.