Newest LoL champion Vex can travel across the map with her ult

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

With Vex entering Summoner’s Rift soon, players are already starting to discover fun interactions on the Public Beta Environment, and one of them makes her travel across the map. 

One of the most fun interactions so far could also be the most dangerous in a real ranked or even professional game. With Vex’s ultimate, Shadow Surge, it will be possible to travel incredible distances if hit at the right timing. This was first showcased by YouTuber Vandiril, who found a way to make Vex travel across the map after hitting Shadow Surge. 

To pull this off, Vex will have to hit a target with Shadow Surge that is in the middle of using the Teleport summoner spell or recalling to the base. If Shadow Surge hits and Vex reactivates the ability at the correct timing, she will be able to follow along. As Vex doesn’t travel particularly fast when charging enemies with her ultimate, this long-distance maneuver will even give the target time to teleport elsewhere and drag Vex with it. 

Until Riot does something about this, it is theoretically possible to lock down Vex while charging her ultimate. Since Vex can’t move or cancel Shadow Surge while charging, she will be stuck in cross-map travel. 

While this scenario is unlikely to happen in a real game, it will be possible to see minor versions of this. For example, there’s a good chance that Vex will charge towards an enemy that is trying to escape with Teleport and follow along. This could either turn into a great play for Vex, or an absolutely terrible one. 

Whether Riot will do something about this interaction is unknown, so for now, it looks like Vex can pull off some really funny ultimates. If changed, Riot will likely make it so Shadow Surge will cancel recalls more effectively and even summoner spells. 

When is Vex coming to League of Legends?

After months of teasing, Vex will be coming to the League of Legends live servers on Thursday, September 23. This is the day after patch 11.19 is set to go live, so expect the patch to hit before the Gloomy Yordle pops up in the shop. 

Even though Vex will be released before the 2021 World Championship, fans shouldn’t expect to see her on the professional stage before the end of the year, at the earliest. Just like Akshan, Vex won’t be enabled in professional play despite playing on patch 11.19.  


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