New visual bug teleports Spike from base to the site

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Patch 3.02 left many bugs in Valorant but this new one targets defenders explicitly. 

A new visual bug is misleading defenders in Valorant regarding the Spike’s location. Attackers often forget the Spike behind in the Spawn, which renders enemies a massive advantage. This glitch places a dupe of the bomb in base, tricking defenders into staying back. 

Since the release of patch 3.02, players have reported many errors and glitches in agent kits. These faults were only limited to agents and their faulty kits, but this new visual bug changes that. Spike glitch adds to the litany of reports players have from the latest patch update. 

The visual bug plays mind-tricks on defenders and lures them out of the bomb point by placing the Spike where it shouldn’t be. Defenders would spot the Spike on random positions but it’s actually just a visual error toying with the bomb. This is a repeatable bug that many players have encountered in their ranked games, where the Spike would be sitting in the Spawn as attackers plant it on a bomb point. 

In Lust’s clip, it can be seen that Killjoy spotted the Spike in the attacker’s Spawn and called her teammates over. The agent placed her utility on top of the package to secure it from attackers but it was all a hoax. The Spike was never there to begin with. A few seconds later, the defenders in Spawn got an alarm that attackers have planted the bomb. 

This isn’t precisely a game-breaking bug but it can help attackers gain an edge over their enemies. Mostly, defenders are eager to gain Spike control as it automatically increases their odds of winning. With this bug in-game, attackers will find it easier to plant the Spike at empty bomb points.

How to recognize Spike visual bug? 

While this is a solid bug, it’s possible to avoid falling prey to it. If you ever see a Spike just sitting in the spawn, notice few things before calling your teammates to protect it. 

  • Look for an orange marker under the Spike 
  • Look for the Spike icon on the minimap 

If you don’t see these two things, it’s likely a visual bug deceiving you with a Spike dupe. It’s pretty easy to dodge this glitch, so you may want to be careful with your observation until the bug gets patched up.