New Viper one-way gets easy kills on Icebox

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Smokers aren’t as viable on Icebox as other agents but this new one-way Viper setup proves otherwise. 

Icebox’s unique layout loaded with choke points and narrow entryways doesn’t allow Controllers to play around with their kits. However, Viper is unlike any other agent in her category thanks to her death-dealing equipment. This new lineup for one-way smoke on point B shows she’s a solid pick on all maps. 

Icebox’s point B is pegged to have the poorest map design in Valorant. Retakes are a pain and attackers don’t have much space to execute complex plays. However, defending B can be tricky due to point A and middle’s twisted design that requires heavy firepower. Fortunately, Viper is powerful enough to hold an entire area herself pretty well. This one-way, coupled with a wall, can help her lockdown B and assist teammates in retaking if she ends up losing site control. 

Viper one-way trick on Icebox

For this smoke, attach yourself to the middle of the line on the container towards Green. Place your crosshair at the bottom of the white text. Press the jump key and then release the device. Don’t deploy it yet. 

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Play close range, and activate the smoke when you have footsteps towards Green. A one-way poison globe will expose the enemy’s lower extremity, providing you with an edge. The opponents won’t be able to see you on the other end till they cross the damage-rendering smoke. 

This smoke helps lock down the site but a surefire point B setup also includes a tilted wall that comes in handy in a retake situation. Pair up your smoke with a wall that starts from behind yellow and crosses B entrances. You can activate the wall once enemies have crossed the one-way and are camping behind the container. It’ll buy your teammates some time to rotate. It’s also an excellent wall for retake situations.

Once you’ve lost site control, activating this screen will help defuse Spike safely as enemies in Green will be blocked. 

When does the new Valorant map release?  

Valorant’s seventh map, Fracture, is set to release with the new patch update. The map will be coming out on 8th September alongside the new battle pass rewards and an in-game. The update will arrive with Episode 2 Act 3, across all regions, renewing the act ranks.