New Valorant Sentinel ‘Deadlock’ teased at VCT Masters

By Nicholas James


Jun 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The new Valorant agent is being teased yet again, this time with a close-up look at their armory and projects.

Riot Games has steadily been teasing the next agent being added to the game with new images, easter eggs, and more. The latest teaser has given a name and role to the enigmatic new member of the Valorant Protocol.

New Valorant agent Deadlock is a Sentinel

New information has been trickling out about the new agent as the latest VCT Masters event continues. The new agent has been revealed to be a woman, and a Sentinel, by the alias of “Deadlock.” Deadlock has been getting teased through a variety of material.

The latest is a segment of content produced by Riot Games in which professional players get their first glimpse at the new agent. What the pros talk about lets us deduce certain details about the new agent. The new champion’s name is Deadlock, and she will be a Sentinel. Pros who got to see her cinematic and reveal said she seemed like a “mobile Sentinel.” Many remarked that her abilities seemed to be perfectly suited for competitive play.

Some of the more interesting comments involve pros surprised by what one can assume is her ultimate. She’s described as “turning into a tornado”, to which another quickly corrects, “No, she’s like a mummy.” Many of the pros remarks on the stern tone of the character, so it seems like this will be a darker agent to mirror Gekko’s light-hearted nature. High-tech devices have been teased for the new agent previously, and pros notice her placing down trips. This makes the classification of Sentinel make even more sense, with traps allowing Deadlock to hold down sections of the map.

Deadlock will have her cinematic and her abilities revealed during the VCT Masters finals.