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New Valorant deathmatch mode HURM leaked, here’s how it works

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant deathmatch is getting a revamp in a game mode dubbed HURM, that’d include agent abilities. 

Riot’s first-person shooter adds a ton of twists to the traditional tactical shooter format. Its unique blend of lore and abilities makes Valorant a much more attractive FPS game for modern players. Still, shooting is at the heart of Valorant, which is why the deathmatch mode puts abilities aside. Players hone their aim in a special game mode that solely focused on weapons. However, the new Valorant update will change that. 

Leakers suggest a new game mode for Valorant that would throw abilities into the mix. According to ValorLeaks, the upcoming deathmatch in Valorant is dubbed HURM. 

Riot introduces Valorant deathmatch HURM

The new Valorant deathmatch dubbed HURM will allow players to bring their special powers into the playing field. Alongside their aim, players can also polish their ability usage in different scenarios. 

The current deathmatch in Valorant is all about weapon usage. Those who want to experiment with lineups usually opt for unranked or the range. However, being unable to try out unique setups against real players is restricting. HURM will let players create scenarios and use them against multiple enemies at every step of the way. 

For example, HURM will help improve quick reaction time with different agents. Whipping out flashes and molotov at first contact isn’t as easy as it may sound on paper. HURM will be a great way to polish muscle memory and reaction time to use abilities. However, this game mode comes with lots of potentials flaws and doubts. 

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All players spawn with random, but different agents. Among them would dozens of blinding flashes, distracting summons, and near sight effects. This particular ability may mar the practice experience. Other abilities aren’t as pesky, but blinds can be a menace, primarily when used in abundance. So, HURM sounds excellent, but players may want to be ready to face flashes left and right in a crowded deathmatch mode. 

What’s wrong with Valorant’s Deathmatch mode?

A deathmatch’s true purpose is to practice aim with different weapons, but Valorant DM often has a competitive undertone to it. The mode lasts for nine minutes, but it would end earlier if the top fragger ends up scoring 40 kills before the timer. This target forces players to employ tactics, camp, and race to win the game mode, which refutes the true purpose of deathmatch.