Valorant bundle Snowfall

New Valorant Christmas bundle Snowfall leaks, doesn’t impress fans

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

New Valorant bundle Snowfall is full of Christmas spirit, and it adds a unique crystal knife to the game’s melee collection. 

Valorant is popular for its cut-throat gameplay and agent tactics, but players love the animated skins that Riot Games continue to put out. The developer doesn’t usually roll out bundles to celebrate festivals and events, but Christmas gets its exclusive skin line just like last year. The collection isn’t officially here yet, but credible leaker ValorLeak has shared the first look.

Valorant players can now celebrate Christmas in style with the brand new skin collection with tiny huts coated in snow locked inside glass bodies. With Snowfall, the developer would continue its tradition of celebrating winter holidays by releasing a Christmas-themed bundle. The skin line is nothing too extreme. It’s a simple bundle for skin collectors who appreciate a good melee. 

Valorant bundle Snowfall skins come for: 

  • Classic
  • Vandal
  • Ares
  • Judge 
  • Melee 

The skin line might not be as extravagant as recent releases like Champions bundle or Magepunk 2.0, but it’s perfect for an exclusive winter cosmetic. Like many previous bundles, this one also features a frosted glass body with animated imagery inside. The brightly painted huts and reigns visibly glow inside the monotonous ice-blue glass.  

Valorant community disappointed with Snowfall skins

The skin design is quite similar to last year’s Winter Wunderland bundle, and players aren’t pleased about it. Many players complained that Riot Games should have put more effort into creating the new bundle instead of lazily refreshing the old collection. The Snowfall line indeed seems like a copy of 2020 bundle, except Winter Wunderland’s exterior changed colors with the environment. 

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It remains to be how these skins look in-game. For now, only a melee knife has grabbed the players’ interest. The frozen candy cane topped with a cute glass globe might end up on players’ wish-list since the community doesn’t like the other items so far. 

Similar to the previous Christmas line, this skin won’t be upgradeable. It’s unlikely that Snowfall guns will have variants and other animated features. However, players do get to keep a Christmas gun buddy. 

How much does the Valorant Snowfall bundle cost? 

The bundle will likely be released in the Deluxe category, which means each gun will cost 1,275 Valorant Points, and the melee skin should cost 2,550 VP. The bundle itself will be priced at 5,100 VP.