New stack and pull timings hit Dota 2 after update 7.23b

By Neslyn Apduhan


Dec 4, 2019

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The Dota 2 map was given a massive shakeup in the Outlanders Update with the addition of outposts, the removal of several patches of trees, and the new rune locations.

One of the more subtle changes to the map were the changes to neutral camps. The Radiant ancient creeps now spawn in the bottom lane jungle near the tier-two tower, rather than near the tier-one tower mid. This was done to nullify the long-standing radiant-side advantage that came from their ability to effectively farm while protecting the Roshan pit.

That shift also had a huge impact on the pull and stack timings of other camps. While the general rule of thumb has always been that camps need to be stacked at the 53-second mark of each minute, some of the camps have seen that changed. Additionally, the changes made to the camps and trees also opened up new ways to pull away creeps.

This brings some changes to managing creep equilibrium and it’s something all Dota 2 fans ought to familiarize themselves with at this point.

Dota 2 new stack and pull timings after Outlanders Update

Dota Alchemy created an incredibly helpful guide for stacking and pulling after the Outlanders update, which they posted to Reddit.

The uses of stacking and pulling remain the same as always. Camps can be stacked in order to offer more efficient farming opportunities and neutrals can be pulled into lanes to either deny creeps or to bring waves closer together to set up a strong push.

Stacking has become much more nuanced with this update, however. The Ancient camp is now stacked at 55 seconds instead of 53 seconds while large camps’ timings range from 53 to 56 seconds. Meanwhile, medium camp stack timings were moved from 53 to 56 seconds, to 54 to 55. 

Small camps have also been shifted from 53 seconds to 55 seconds, but have retained their 15 and 45 second pull timings. Meanwhile, the large camps nearest to the side lanes now have various timings for pulls, depending on which angles they are pulled at. Both camps have different timings for each angle, ranging from 17 and 47 seconds, to 26 and 56 seconds.

Dota Plus subscribers don’t necessarily need to memorize the new timings as they have been added to the Dota Plus Assistant feature which can be used in-game. Players can save themselves a few dollars per month by committing this to memory, however.


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