New Halloween Soulstrife skins bundle leaked for Valorant

Kenneth Williams • October 31, 2022 9:48 pm

Soulstrife skins will add gothic flair to any Valorant arsenal, but the knife is only appropriate for the edgiest of players.

Prominent Valorant leaker ValorLeaks has revealed a new set of gun skins coming to the game. The set, titled Soulstrife, is a Halloween-themed bundle that takes inspiration from ghosts. Unsurprisingly, the Ghost, Phantom, and Spectre are all included in this bundle. Here’s what we know how much Soulstrife will cost and when it could come out.

The bundle was leaked by ValorLeaks late on October 31, 2022, which is perfect timing for a horror-themed skin bundle. 

The skins themselves sport swirling black-and-white patterns with intricate decorations across all surfaces. Even the magazines are special, though any new animations will be a secret until their formal release. The most striking part of the bundle is the melee weapon, which transforms the standard knife into a grim reaper’s scythe. That particular skin should be a big hit with all the Omen players.

Based on the one available image, it appears that the Soulstrife bundle includes the following gun skins. The spooky little fellow in the background of the art could appear as a player card or an in-game spray.

  • Ghost
  • Guardian
  • Melee Weapon
  • Phantom
  • Spectre

Soulstrife skins are a ghastly addition to Valorant

Based on their appearance and comments from the poster, the Soulstrife bundle will likely cost around 7,000 VP, which puts the bundle firmly in premium territory. The one image also does not show if the skins will have an upgrade path, though that information should become public s the bundle inches closer to release. 

Soulstrife gun skins to be added to Valorant

Speaking of which, these Halloween-themed skins should come out sometime in early November. It’s a shame they weren’t out in time for the spooky season itself, but Valorant and Halloween diehards can grab it now to get ready for next year.


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