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New smoke trick in CS2 creates a jaw-dropping one-way

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 5, 2023

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The new Counter-Strike 2 smokes are volumetric objects, meaning they no longer rotate randomly. But it’s still possible to do one-way smokes.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, smokes were lighter at the edges, rotating in a way that created a one-way window at the corner. Players had created proper lineups to pop heads through the smokes, and it was tactically incredible. But, in CS2, the infamous one-way mechanic no longer works due to smoke density. Instead, all smokes are solid objects that fill up areas statically.

But popular CS Twitch streamer Erik “fl0m” Flom has discovered a new one-way trick that is even better.

How to do one-way smoke in CS2

Counter-Strike 2 smokes

During his livestream, fl0m shared a smoke-nade combination that created an aperture in the smoke but still kept him disguised. As a result, he could easily shoot down the CTs, but the enemy could only spray randomly in the smoke.

This is an excellent way to still utilize the one-way tactic in CS2. To use this trick, fl0m timed a smoke at long doors and released HE right before the smoke was about to pop. The grenade had already popped, but the smoke bloomed as the dust was simmering down. This interaction led to HE’s explosion blending with the smoke grenade.

So, when fl0m started shooting through the smoke, he could see the enemy through the aperture. But, the CTs couldn’t spot him due to the thin dust screen from the HE grenade. This incredible tactic works seamlessly every single time.

But it will require a lot of practice. Timing the utility is the key here. If your HE grenade was delayed even by a second, it’d blast right inside the smoke, swallowing it whole and leaving you vulnerable in front of the enemy. Stepping into the HE before it exploded will take a significant chunk of your health.

So, this trick isn’t without consequences and risks. But, with ample practice, players can execute one-way smokes, even CS2.


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