Ohnepixel trying out the legal wallhack command

Counter-Strike 2 has a legal command that lets you wallhack

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 30, 2023

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Since Counter-Strike 2 is still in beta, it is reasonable to anticipate minor bugs. But there’s a whole wallhack command in Counter-Strike 2 — and Valve is aware. 

Counter-Strike has always had a cheating problem, but players had high hopes from the latest Source 2 port. While Valve is tight-lipped about the anti-cheat updates, fans had expected that the cheating issue would somehow mitigate in the new game.

But, not only there are hackers in Counter-Strike 2 beta test, Valve has left a game-breaking command turned on for all. 

During a livestream, popular Counter-Strike content creator Erik “fl0m” Flom was asked to try out a command, which turned out to be a functional cheat code, leaving him speechless. 

CTs in Counter-Strike 2

While streaming, fans asked fl0m to write cl_physics_highlight_active 5, which typically highlights player models. However, his viewers had discovered that the command is doing much more than what it was intended for. After activating the console command, green boxes started to appear across Dust2, highlighting players through objects. 

Fl0m was left questioning whether he was cheating due to the wallhack. However, it is important to note that this cheat in the game is currently considered to be in a gray area since the host enables it. Other streamers, including Ohnepixel, also tested the command and were met with the same results. 

The new command works precisely like CSGO wallhacks, so cheaters are having a field day currently, as they don’t have to pay big bucks for advanced hacks. However, it’s worth noting that Valve is aware of the command, which means it won’t stay in the game for too long. 

It seems that either this is new or fl0m had missed out on this command during the closed testing in Valve headquarters. But, clearly, it’s legal to hack in Counter-Strike 2 beta until Valve removes the command. 


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