New Shockblade skins announced for League of Legends

By Nicholas James


Feb 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new line of Shockblade skins has been revealed for League of Legends, alongside a Qiyana Prestige skin and a new version of Firelight Ekko.

Riot has revived an older skin line with the return of Shockblade, which originally debuted alongside Zed. Shockblade was one of many skin lines that suffered from a generic theming around elemental magic. The new skins for Qiyana, Shen, and Kassadin bring a more shocking spin to the included characters.

Shockblade skins announced for LoL

The three newest LoL skins in the Shockblade line were announced on Twitter after their arrival on the Public Beta Environment. All three bring a modernized version of the electric-channeling Shockblade line and include some fancy new animations. Shen’s spirit blade crackles with electric energy, while Qiyana’s recall sees her invoke lightning from the skies above her. The mix of champions being added is appropriately varied, with one champion from the included regions of Ixtal, Ionia, and Shurima.

Two other skins were announced to be making their way to the PBE alongside the new Shockblade Skins. Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition is finally becoming available, as is the reworked version of Firelight Ekko. Brave Phoenix Xayah’s Prestige version adds more golden flare to an already gorgeous skin. This skin will be one of the yearly prestige skins affected by the upcoming Mythic Content update.

Firelight Ekko returns following feedback

Firelight Ekko, a depiction of the version of Ekko seen in the animated show Arcane, is makings its way back towards live servers. The initial feedback made clear that fans weren’t happy with the lack of unique animations despite the skin asking a price point that usually included such visual elements. Riot heard the complaints and made some upgrades on the skin rather than bringing it to live servers in its lesser state.

Sadly there is still no option to have Ekko wear his owl mask, as that might make it more difficult for players to identify the champion.