New Razor arcana Voidstorm Asylum out for Diretide

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 17, 2022

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An arcana for Razor was teased at the start of The International 2022 battle pass, and players can finally get their hands on it.

Dota 2 has finally released the second arcana of the Diretide battle pass. Voidstorm Asylum gives a complete makeover to Razor, transforming his whip into a sword and shield that highly resembles his original Warcraft 3 model. The new arcana also comes with an unlockable upgraded style that brings a very unexpected color change.

As the fourth top-tier cosmetic in the battle pass, this release also signals the final stage of Diretide battle pass content. The Voidstorm Asylum is exclusively available from the Diretide 2022 battle pass at level 383.

The Voidstorm Asylum arcana entirely reworks Razor’s model into a whirling tornado clad in ornate armor. He trades in his signature electric whip for a chain sword that extends out to hit his target. Plasma Field gets a light bubble effect and a ton of new particles. During Razor’s ultimate Eye of the Storm, his shield rises above him to strike foes with lightning. Phase Boots, Eul’s Scepter, and Wind Waker all get special icons for his inventory as well.

Razor arcana in-game with alternate icons

Similarly to the Faceless Void arcana from the same battle pass, this new Razor skin bears significant resemblance to his original Warcraft 3 model from the days of Dota 1. The Lightning Revenant unit, which represented Razor in Dota’s custom game mode, used a sword and shield along with electric powers. Valve may be appealing to the older generation of Dota 2 fans with these arcanas, but there’s still plenty to appreciate for newer players.

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How to unlock the upgraded Razor arcana

The new Razor Arcana Voidstorm Asylum has an unlockable second style that brings an unexpected seafoam green palette swap.

The unlockable style turns Razor’s new wind body into a light shade of green, which isn’t usually a part of the hero’s color scheme. In fact, it somewhat resembles Morphling, albeit with a much higher polycount. His armor and weapons take on a patinaed copper with a cape to match. It’s very flashy, but unlocking it is a tough task for even the most dedicated Razor spammers.

Unlockable second style for Razor arcana

To unlock the second Razor arcana style, players must kill 500 enemy heroes while buffed by more than 100 stolen damage from Static Link. Players can earn up to eight points of progress in a single game, but a win is not required for them to count. Assuming players reach the maximum value every match, players can speedrun the unlock in 63 games of Razor.


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