New OLED Steam Deck price and specs explained

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 16, 2023

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The newest Steam Deck packs an OLED screen, but that’s far from the only upgrade to the device.

Ever since the Steam Deck was first released in early 2022, fans have been clamoring to upgrade the device. While the platform’s software has become a modder’s paradise, the actual physical components are challenging to update. Valve has finally decided to take it upon itself to give fans an upgrade path, and as of November 26, 2023, it’s not possible to buy an upgraded Deck with an OLED screen, improved Wi-Fi, longer batter, and more.

The new OLED Steam Deck was announced shortly before its official release, and it’s now available to purchase directly from the Steam Store. It comes in three different versions, including a special limited edition. The $550 version comes with a 512 gigabyte SSD, while the $650 edition packs a full terabyte.

The $680 limited edition OLED Steam Deck combines the terabyte SSD with a translucent plastic body, orange stick bases, and a special carrying case. 

Steam Deck OLED Limited Edition

In addition to the new OLED display, all of the new models come with upgraded 6E Wi-Fi connectivity and an improved battery. Valve boasts up to 50% longer uptime for the new models, depending on the game. Lastly, the new model comes with a new cooling solution meant to keep the console’s heat output in check. All of this somehow winds up being slightly lighter than the original model as well.

Is it worth upgrading from the normal Steam Deck to OLED?

For gamers who already have a Steam Deck, the question becomes whether or not upgrading to the OLED screen and enhanced internals is worth it. This depends on several factors, including the potential release of an even better Steam Deck later on.

The new features could be enough to sway potential buyers who were on the fence before. The OLED model is a strict upgrade in every sense. The price point is slightly higher, but the older Steam Deck models are now on permanent sale for budget gamers until Valve runs out of stock. Users who already have a Steam Deck may not benefit much from the upgrades, but anyone yet to join the ecosystem now has an excellent jumping-on point.

Blog post image

However, all of that goes out the window with the potential of an even better Steam Deck in the future. Valve personnel have previously hinted that an actual Steam Deck 2 is in the development pipeline. The release date for such a device is probably set for 2025 or later, and this is clearly more of a Steam Deck 1.5. If you’re willing to wait even longer, it may be worth skipping out, buying used, or picking up one of the discounted older models.


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