New MMR distribution shows everyone made it out of Herald

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The results of the new MMR distribution are here, and all the players dooming about in Herald are in for a treat.

Dota 2 is a complex game, but MMR has stood the test of time as cold hard proof of a player’s skill. Patch 7.33 kept the raw number system but adjusted it with new factors to help it feel fresh. Certainty is a factor, but the biggest change is new brackets for every medal. Luckily for fans, Dota 2 stat tracker Stratz has collected information about ranks to figure out the newest MMR distribution.

Here are the stats gathered by the website and what rank is now the average in Dota 2.

Crusader is the new average rank in Dota 2

With the new MMR distribution added in patch 7.33,  the new average Dota 2 rank has been revealed as Crusader 4.

The switch to Glicko was designed to push players toward the middle of the ranks and establish a general bell curve. Previously, there were a ton more players stuck in Herald, Guardian, and Crusader. Now the bulk of the player base is ranked as Crusader and Archon, moving the average up quite a bit.

This has also impacted the higher ranges of play, with many players in Legends and Ancient being moved up a bracket or two.

Dota 2 MMR distribution

While Crusader 4 is the mode rank, the average rank in Dota 2 7.33 is technically Archon 1. Stratz’ numbers mark that rank as the cutoff point for the top 50% of players, so everyone’s rank should theoretically average out to that number. The most common rank remains Crusader 4, which will be the average in most players’ eyes.

MMR distribution makes Herald rarer than Immortal in 7.33

The biggest bracket change is in Herald, which has gone from an infamous trench with a ton of aspiring grinders to a pretty scarce rank for genuinely low-MMR players.

Before the patch, Herald was actually the mode Dota 2 rank, with Herald 2 being the most populated rank. However, Herald 1 and 2 are now the least-common ranks in the entire game. Stratz’ data only shows 130 players in all of Herald 1, though those numbers are not globally comprehensive.

Middling players getting pushed up has also resulted in Divine and Immortal being much more common. Immortal already had a significant spike in population compared to Divine, but now it’s almost doubled.

Hopefully, the new MMR distribution will make for a better ranked experience at all skill levels in Dota 2 7.33.


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