New Ivern rework abilities revealed on PBE

By Nicholas James


May 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The Ivern rework has hit the Public Beta Environment for League of Legends with exciting new abilities for Ivern.

League of Legends’ friendliest tree is getting brand-new abilities, and they’ve just been released on the testing servers. Ivern’s been in an awkward place for a long time, and this midscope update will hopefully solve his issues. From his new passive to new shields, these are Ivern’s new abilities.

Ivern rework abilities

Ivern’s abilities have been reworked to try and modernize him, these are his new abilities and how the modifications will change his play. The update was released on the PBE earlier today.

  • Passive – Friend of the Forest: Ivern’s passive is the same as before. He can’t harm jungle monsters and has to place brushes on the camp that tick down over time. Smiting can still instantly claim the rewards for the camp. This now costs him more health and mana than it did before.
  • Q – Rootcaller: Ivern throws out a projectile that roots the first enemy hit. Allies can click on the rooted enemy to dash into auto-attack range. Ivern can also now reactivate his Q to fly into range of the rooted enemy, even if he’s far away.
  • W – Brushmaker: Iven creates a brush nearby, granting himself and his allies vision of the bush for five seconds. If nobody goes into the brush in those five seconds, it will disappear.
  • E – Triggerseed: Ivern grants a shield to an ally. After a short delay, the shield explodes, dealing damage to enemies around him. If the shield doesn’t damage enemies when it explodes, that ally will become shielded again. This process can only happen once.
  • R – Daisy!: Ivern summons Daisy, who sticks around for 60 seconds. Daisy now knocks enemies around her upon being summoned and can be summoned from farther away. Daisy’s third consecutive auto-attack against a target still sends a shockwave that knocks enemies up.

How will these changes affect Ivern?

These changes look to make Ivern a more hybrid supportive role. With shields that can last longer on backline allies and a Daisy that knocks up enemies upon arrival, he has many more straightforward avenues of strength. This new Ivern will function as a mix between a tanky vanguard support and a squishy enchantress. He’ll still be one of the most utility-focused champions in the game.


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