New Fortnite game mode Liferun will debut at PAX South with DrLupo

Olivia Richman • January 10, 2020 6:30 pm

Fortnite is getting a new custom game mode. 

Epic Games is debuting “Liferun” at the PAX Arena at PAX South in San Antonio, January 18. That’s when fans will have the chance to join Overwatch League pros on “Liferun” missions during the PAX Pro-Am. From 2 to 6 PM CST, the Houston Outlaws roster, including Shan “Rawkus” Flaherty and Dante “Danteh” Cruz, will take part in the special debut. 

Big Twitch streamers will also be trying out the brand new Creative Mode game at PAX South, including DrLupo. He will be joined by ONE_shot_GURL and Lachlan on stage as they live stream their efforts on Sunday, January 19 at 10 AM. 

“Liferun” is a custom game mode made in partnership with the International Red Cross. Unlike most game modes in Fortnite, this competition is all about saving the most lives possible. Fortnite players will take on the duties of an International Red Cross hero “racinga cross the globe in four real-life missions to save lives instead of take them,” reads the official press release. 

The mode was created by Team Evolve, the creators of the Creative Showdown and the Zone Wars playlist. 

Liferun leaked ahead of PAX South

Like everything else new in Fortnite, the game mode was leaked ahead of PAX South. Photos revealed on Reddit show players getting into a helicoptor at the start of the game, which will ultimately drop them into the map. A second leaked photo depicts a player running to an area where it appears a person is saying “over here.” She has a bandage gun of some sort in her hand, which will most likely come into play when saving people throughout the map. 

Fortnite Liferun leak

The last leaked photo shows players hopping into dune buggies. It’s unclear how these vehicles will come into play, but the photo shows a few checkpoints throughout the map, most likely indicating injured people. It’s possible players will have to race to these areas first to in order to help the injured victim before everyone else. 

It’s still unclear what the full details of “Lifeline” entail, and the general public is also unsure how long the game will stay in-game as a LTM. If past events are any indictator, it will most likely be available for a few weeks starting after its debut at PAX South. 


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