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How to beat Zero Build Horde Rush in Fortnite

By Nicholas James


Oct 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fornite has brought back the Horde Rush mode for Halloween during Chapter Three Season Four. Looking to beat it as quickly and easily as possible? Here is how to beat Zero Build Horde Rush in Fortnite.

Zero Build Mode has been an incredibly popular addition to Fortnite, taking away the game’s signature building mechanic in order to focus on gunplay, movement, and more typical shooter mechanics. This means you’ll need to work even harder to keep the zombie horde at bay.

How to beat Zero Build Horde Rush mode

The concept behind Horde Rush is very simple. Players are dropped into a pre-closed circle somewhere on the Fortnite map and given a brief interval to loot weapons and grab supplies. After that point, zombies will begin to spawn from totems that appear throughout the circle, forming waves of enemies that will throw themselves at you.

In order to make Zero Build Horde Rush easier, we recommend playing it while using voice chat or teaming up with friends. Just like any horde-fighting game, you’re best off communicating with your teammates to make sure the undead don’t catch you off-guard. The zombies can be made to stop spawning from the totems by using environment-destroying equipment, rather than emptying magazines into them. Save your bullets for the zombies themselves, use items like Ripsaw Launchers and Junk Rifts to destroy them instantly.

As the match progresses, the circle will be moving so you’re going to be forced to stay mobile as it floats from one point of interest to another. This is simple enough: Stick with your teammates, converse ammo, and make sure to have some medical supplies on hand. Our recommended gear includes Evochrome weapons, Sideways weapons, and plenty of shields and healing to keep you topped up.

How to beat the Zero Build Horde Rush mode boss

Eventually, you’ll be stuck in an unmoving circle as an absolutely enormous version of the Horde Rush enemies will spawn, with a huge health bar displayed at the top of your screen. From here, it’s a matter of staying calm and keeping yourself and teammates alive while you deal with both the boss and the horde of enemies around him.

Zero Build Horde Rush is much more difficult for this stage than previous building-inclusive modes, as you have no ability to create cover or vertical terrain in order to avoid the boss. Luckily, it’s still very doable and just requires that you and your teammates don’t lose sight of the horde of normal enemies while dealing with the boss.

With those tips in mind, you should be well on your way to beating Fortnite’s new Horde Rush mode. The optional game mode will be available in the Discover tab until November 15, 2022.


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