New Elderwood Skins for Gnar and Rek’Sai

By Nicholas James


Dec 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

More Elderwood skins are hitting League of Legends’ PBE today, with the haunted forest motif bringing new looks for Gnar and Rek’Sai.

The Elderwood skin line, which shares a universe with the Coven, General Eclipse, Death Blossom, and Old God skins, has long been a fan favorite. These latest additions double down on the dark magical theme to give two of League’s more iconic monster champions a brand new aesthetic.

When will the new Elderwood Skins release?

Gnar and Rek’Sai will get their skins on the next patch cycle, which is likely to come on December 22 as a part of patch 11.25.

Gnar’s new look gives him a mask almost reminiscent of Lamb from Kindred’s mask. The splash art depicts the ancient Yordle playing with spirits of the Elderwood, one of whom is holding up a button to Gnar. Gnar is the first Yordle to get a skin in the Elderwood line, which has its own universe of lore, so it remains unclear how these mysterious creatures fit into the world.

Given that there doesn’t appear to be a Void in the Eclipse Universe which Elderwood is a part of, Rek’Sai’s new look almost dips into Deathblossom’s visual identity. With rippling purple claws, Elderwood’s signature pale bone-like wood across her body, and petal-like growths to replace much of her normal chitinous armor, it’s a drastically different feel from her base skin.

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What is the lore of the Elderwood Universe?

The lore universe in which Elderwood exists is the Eclipse universe, crossing over with skin lines that have a similar aesthetic. The story explores ancient sylvan forces, lost gods, occult fiction, and more to build out a space for League of Legends champions to explore new dynamics. The cinematic “Answer to Her Light” is a great jumping-off point for fans curious about the storytelling behind this skin line.


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