New Dota 2 hero Muerta announced at The International 2022

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 30, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new Dota 2 hero named Muerta has been announced at The International 2022, but almost everything is still a mystery.

Dota 2 is getting a new Dio de Los Muertos-themed hero named Muerta in 2023. The roster addition was announced at The International 2022 right before the event’s grand final. In traditional Valve fashion, the teaser was extremely brief. However, it did include a few details that hint at her play style.

Muerta was revealed right after an anticlimactic all-star match that preceded the TI11 grand final. Then, the stage faded to black with a trailer for a surprise new hero. The trailer shows her walking through what could be a graveyard while commenting on the divide between life and death

New Dota 2 hero Muerta trailer hints at abilities

The trailer does not show off any potential abilities, but it ends with Muerta revealing some kind of magical pistol. This likely indicates that she is a ranged hero, though its magical muzzle could also point toward a long-range spell.  

The biggest hint at her abilities is a fast flash at the end of the trailer. Her skin illuminates with neon blue light as the sky itself turns into a swirl of color. The aurora behind her also features several ghastly skulls, which could hint at some sort of summoning ability. She also appears to magically light candles as she walks through the graveyard, though that could just be for the trailer’s ambiance.

New Dota 2 hero Muerta announced at The International 2022

As far as her role, Muerta’s likely ranged attack and emphasis on death point towards a core of some kind. Dota 2 has yet to add a new traditional hard carry since the switch to 7.00. Even if the new hero Muerta does work as a safe lane farmer, she will most likely be able to play multiple roles effectively. The only way to learn for sure is to wait for her early 2023 release date, upon which she will be played in every role until the pros figure her out.