New Dota 2 battle pass coming, likely with Drow Ranger arcana

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Drow Ranger could get the next arcana in Dota 2 if some upgrade strings are to be believed, and all signs point to it being part of a new battle pass.

The recent Dota 2 update that brought back the fantasy challenge also added several new strings to the game’s files, including a reference to an upcoming arcana for Drow Ranger. The flashy new cosmetic will most likely launch with a new battle pass sometime in December. The wording of the string implies that the Drow Arcana will have an upgrade path similar to previous arcanas for Wraith King, Queen of Pain, and Spectre.

The file was included in the update for the 2022 DPC Winter Tour and is titled “DrowRangerArcanaProgress.” It was included alongside previous event strings from Frostivus and the other 2021 battle passes. The file does not include any other information. Valve likely inserted the line now so that it could be filled out later. 

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Drow Ranger is one of the most decorated heroes in Dota 2 with 21 complete cosmetic sets and five immortal treasures.

Her remodel in early 2019 required adjustments to more than 100 equippable items. The new arcana could reference her original lore. Despite her name and blue skin, Drow Ranger is actually a human whose family was murdered by bandits. She was adopted and raised by the Drow, who prized her agility and archery. No Drow characters have ever appeared in Dota 2, so it could be their debut. It could also be another set of cat ears.

When will the Drow Ranger arcana release?

The Drow Ranger arcana will most likely be available through the next battle pass. Almost all new Dota 2 arcanas are exclusively available through battle passes, including fan-voted cosmetics like Spectre’s Phantom Advent. While previously just $35 in the Steam store, new arcanas can cost upwards of $100 even for dedicated battle pass grinders.

It’s also highly likely that the next Dota 2 battle pass will include a Mirana hero persona or remodel. A hidden file discovered in September strongly suggests that a new look for the hero is coming, though it’s uncertain how it will be rolled out. A DOTA: Dragon’s Blood-inspired Mirana hero persona in the same vein as the one Dragon Knight received for Nemestice makes a lot of sense.

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The most recent Dota 2 blog post specified that Valve is hard at work on the next battle pass. It’s set to come out sometime within the next few weeks, but an exact Drow Ranger arcana release date was not specified. Valve hinted that it’s cooking up a “special conundrum” for players along with the new DPC fantasy system.

Expect both to come out sometime in December 2021.