Sneaky Cypher setup

New Cypher cam on Breeze is deadlier than the illegal bug

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Players have discovered a lineup for Cypher cam on Breeze after Riot Games removed an illegal spot that provided defenders with an edge over enemies.

The Moroccan spy is having a ball on Breeze as players discover yet another game-breaking Spy Cam lineup. The developer recently removed a glitched spot on the extensive after it got a team punished during Valorant’s biggest esports event so far.

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During a game between Acend and Vivo Keyd, the latter exploited a long-standing bug on Breeze, earning them a strict punishment from the game publisher. Riot fixed the glitch soon after, but stubborn players found a new spot that might be deadlier than the previous one. It does the same job, but in a more effective way.

Tpaxtop shared a clip on YouTube, demonstrating the new lineup that forces enemy teams into an uncomfortable position, ultimately making them vulnerable.

New Cypher cam on Breeze is almost indestructible

The Spy Cam goes on top of the A entrance. The tiny device slips behind the metal, going into a stealth mode that is indestructible from most angles due to the metal ledge. Players will have to enter the site and get into the defender’s crosshair to remove the camera from this spot. Players can lock down the main entrance for a long duration with this lineup, turning A site into a lion’s den.

The previous bug is powerful because it took away the enemy’s ability to destroy the cam, but the new one serves two purposes. It can’t be shot down easily, making it reusable. Enemies will have to turn back to shoot it down, making them an easy vulnerable target for the defenders. These two traits make this new glitch game-breaking and extremely powerful to play against.

While this new find seems like a bug, it’s likely an intentional part of the game. The camera isn’t invincible, as players can still destroy it from a tricky position. Moreover, it sticks on a plain wall, which doesn’t necessarily qualify as a bug. Since it provides one team with a heavy advantage, the developer might look into it and deliver a fix. Considering the recent controversy around Cypher on Breeze, such lineups might not be seen in professional games.