New cyberpunk Fortnite season lands this week

By Nicholas James


Mar 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A brand new season is coming to Fortnite Chapter 4, and rumor has it that cyberpunk Fortnite will be ushered in by Season 2, here’s what you need to know.

The current Fortnite season will come to a close on March 9 at 11 PM PST, ushering in a new season on the 10th. The new season is being dubbed Fortnite Mega and will supposedly bring a distinct cyberpunk theme to the island and several locations throughout the map. Here’s everything we know about the cyberpunk Fortnite MEGA.

Cyberpunk Fortnite MEGA previewed

It’s late enough in the season that every single sign is pointing toward the next iteration of Fortnite’s battle royale. There’s an ominous red rift hanging in the air above the map, and a series of mysterious Cipher quests have players running all over the map digging up arcade machines and putting up posters depicting neon skyscrapers. What’s going to change in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2, and what can fans expect from it?

According to leakers, the season will be themed around a cyberpunk aesthetic, with Neo-Tokyo becoming a point of interest. There’s also a rumored Attack on Titan anime collaboration planned that will bring an Eren Yeager skin and a Mythic grappler item from the anime into the game. As the new season gets closer and closer to launching, leakers like ShiinaBR are revealing lots of the Battle Pass cosmetics, like a new set of wings as the season’s final Battle Pass glider.

Fortnite MEGA release date

Fortnite MEGA, the name for the cyberpunk Fortnite season, will arrive after scheduled downtime on March 9, 11 PM PST. Sometime on March 10, the new season will be available for Fortnite players, likely in the early morning PST. After the servers go live again, a lot of new changes can be expected to items, mechanics, and the very map itself.